Welcome to Pole Addix of Blackpool

Pole Dancing Tuition for Health and Fitness in Blackpool


Pole Addix is based in Blackpool and teaches the modern art of pole dancing, at affordable prices for anyone wanting to learn how to pole dance. Our pole dancing lessons are taught in a friendly and fun atmosphere by a fully qualified instructor in small groups with the emphasis on fun and fitness, and we have a flexible schedule of courses and open classes to suit everyone. Pole Addix prides itself on offering the most up-to-date, safe and professional tuition in a modern clean dedicated studio.

Why pole dance I here you say?

Pole dancing is fun, exciting and a tremendous way to exercise and improve your fitness.

Pole dancing will:

bullet Improve your posture, flexibility and coordination
bullet Build your strength and stamina
bullet Increase your fitness and burn those calories
bullet Shape your waistline
bullet Tone your body all over

On top of all that it's a great way to build your confidence, make new friends, get fit and have fun at the same time.


From hen parties and birthday parties to team building sessions and away day’s.
Pole Addix offers groups an exciting party package, for your event or function with a bespoke pole dancing entertainment service.


Hi I'm Janet I will be your instructor, I am a fully qualified level 3 pole fitness instructor. I am constantly advancing my qualifications.

I recently had a brilliant day teaching the cast of Hollyoaks on the finer points of pole dancing. They all did marvelously.

My aim is to make Pole Addix the best place to learn pole dancing in the area, I want you to learn in a safe and friendly environment but having fun while you do it. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Pole Dancing in the Olympics

A campaign has been launched to make pole dancing an olympic sport in time for the London 2012 games. The pole dancing industry is lobbying the 2012 London Olympic committee, so that pole dancing is represented as a test event in the London 2012 games. The Olympics is considered the best sporting event in the world and it is believed that some kind of pole athletics should be part of it, the problem is peoples pre conceived ideas that need to be changed on what pole dancing is all about.